Every Dutch citizen who ends up in a foreign prison, is registered at the Dutch Embassy located in the country of detention, in accordance with the Vienna Convention. The Embassy gives or sends each registered offender information regarding the Dutch Probation Service and the counselling offered by this organisation. This also includes the possibility to follow distance education during imprisonment. If the detainee fills in the form for the probation service and indicates that he is eligible for this course, the probation sends him some information together with a form he has to complete. As soon as this form has been returned to the probation service, the latter will send a specific study advice to Stichting “Educatie achter buitenlandse tralies”. The Stichting Eabt then sends the detainee an introductory package for the required course with an assignment. Depending on the rules in or the agreements with the prison in question, shipping can be done through the medium of the Dutch Embassy or the prison's training department. Thus, it is guaranteed that the study material will actually reach the detainee.

If the homework assignment has been made and returned, the course will be ordered and sent to the detainee. The homework that is part of the course will be marked and judged through the intermediary of the homework coordinator and then returned to the offender, with comment or advice.

In case the course is completed successfully, the participant will receive a qualification certificate or a letter of attendance. When a course has been completed, the detainee may apply for a new course; it is not allowed for a detainee to follow two courses at the same time.